Dr. Steven J. Schwartz, DC

Dr. Steven J. Schwartz is a doctor of Chiropractic and currently resides in Denver Colorado. Dr. Schwartz has been specializing in the bio-energetic treatment of systemic inflammatory conditions, auto-immune diseases, allergies, chronic pain and the optimization of human performance since 2000. Dr. Schwartz has been the clinic director and chief overseeing practitioner of numerous multi-disciplinary alternative integrative medicine facilities throughout Colorado for more than 10 years.

Bioharmonic Technologies

Dr. Steven J. Schwartz, DC is the founder of Bioharmonic Technologies. He has been working with chronic illness and allergies patients since 2000. Over the years, Dr. Schwartz has worked with sub-audible sounds that interact with the same frequencies of human, biological cells, as well exploring the healing effects of musical instruments and other audible frequencies on the human body. This profound work provided the foundation for Bioharmonic Technologies and served as the origin of the Tonal Alchemy Series.