What is the difference between class IV and class III lasers?

The difference between a class III and class IV laser is power. Anything over 500 mw is classified as a class IV laser.

What is the difference between your lasers and other lasers? What is the difference between your EAV system and other EAV systems?

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Why would someone want to buy a class III laser instead of a class IV laser?

Class III lasers are used primarily for reconnection of circuits within the human body. Class III lasers work best with clinical neurology- and kinesiology-based practitioners. Class III lasers are typically much safer to use than most class IV lasers and they also tend to be more versatile with functionality.

Class IV lasers are higher powered. They provide deeper penetration and work specifically at the local tissue to stimulate healing and tissue regeneration. Class IV lasers are great for physical therapy clinics, functional medicine clinics, pain management clinics, and chiropractic clinics.

Do I have to be a health care professional to purchase this technology?

No, you don’t have to be a health care professional to purchase most of our products. Please call to determine qualifications.

Will I need to buy new equipment due to obsolescence of technology?

No, our laser biofeedback and laser technologies are all updatable online.