Do you have compliance issues with patients…..

  • Not taking energetic remedies as recommended
  • Misplacing or leaving remedies behind
  • Or just too busy to take them

ASA Technologies has a solution!

Now, you can create custom energetic bracelets straight out of your own in-office biofeedback or radionics device.  If your device contains an imprinting well or imprinting mechanism, custom imprintable bracelets, from ASA Technologies, are just what you need!

These custom bracelets come complete with specialized hypoallergenic imprintable material that can be imprinted multiple times and can be cleared by using a direct magnet contact.

Instead of imprinting specific homeopathic remedies into water, supplements or products, you can easily, safely, and effectively imprint into your own reusable bracelet!

Custom ASA Technologies imprintable bracelets are:


Contact ASA Technologies today to place an order, or to find out if this supportive technology is right for your practice.

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Our universe is based on the simple principle of balance. The human functions in the same parameters. Disease is the end result of an out of balanced system.  It may begin with a trauma at birth, in the womb or even the emotional or chemical stress of driving in congested traffic. Some of the most common traumas are the ones that we do not even know we are experiencing, the trauma of living in our modern world.

Every day, most Americans eat cooked and processed foods, drink chemically treated water, inhale polluted air and are exposed to harmful artificial electromagnetic fields through cell phones and microwaves. Living in our modern society we are continually exposed to stimuli creating an imbalanced state of being.

The only question left now is……..How do we achieve and maintain balance in a chronically unbalanced world?

ASA Technologies offers advanced tools to assist in the journey of regaining balance in the lives of yourself and your patients.   For more information, or to talk with our knowledgeable support staff please email us at or contact

Dr. Steven Schwartz at 303-351-3803 or Dr. BrananDewees at 303-351-9434