ASA Technologies is committed to offering the best and most cutting edge technologies in the Alternative Health Care arena today.

If you are in the market for biofeedback, laser or therapeutic sound technology for your office, clinic or home use, ASA Technologies offers solutions for everyone.

ASA Balance

This modern biofeedback device is a one stop technology that can assess, balance and correct all in one. The ASA Balance is so easy to use, with basic training, the practitioner can be up and running in just a few hours.

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4.5 Oz class III laser, boasting both Red and Infrared diodes with varying power, over 350 presets, is completely customizable. Big things come in small packages, this is the most cost effective, most powerful, and most functional high quality class III laser on the market.

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LZR7 Class IV Laser

This 4.5 watt class IV laser is lightweight, compact, and features a specialized auricular and acupuncture point attachment for treating neurological and acupuncture reflex points. This attachment comes standard with this unit. If you are looking for a powerful laser with very low thermal effect that produces incredible results, we encourage you to evaluate this laser before purchasing anything else.
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Holistic Health Science’s Vibroacoustic Sound Lounge

Imagine a custom treatment table that can broadcast therapeutic music in conjunction with any other modality you choose. If you are a music therapist, massage therapist or any kind of manual body worker, The Vibroacoustic Lounge is a cost effective powerful tool which can add additional income to any treatment and patients love it.

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Diowave Lasers

Pick from 10 Watt, 15 Watt and 30 Watt Class IV lasers. If you are looking for a high powered professional FDA Cleared Class IV laser with variable settings to be used in any professional setting at a great price, the family of Diowave lasers must be considered. Call ASA Technologies today to see what laser is right you.

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Imprintable Bracelets

Now, you can create custom energetic bracelets straight out of your own in-office biofeedback or radionics device. If your device contains an imprinting well or imprinting mechanism, custom imprintable bracelets, from ASA Technologies, are just what you need!

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Sonic-ceuticals by Bioharmonic Technologies

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