The ASA Balance

This modern biofeedback device is a one stop technology that can assess, balance and correct all in one. The ASA Balance is so easy to use, with basic training, the practitioner can be up and running in just a few hours.

The ASA Balance

Utilizing advanced technology to identify the root of the problem and create a custom balancing remedy which supports the body’s natural recuperative healing abilities.

The ASA Balance was created from a long history of technology systems that have been integrated to produce a state of the art holistic healing device.

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Thank you for your interest in the ASA Balance, Body Balancing Machine.

The ASA Balance is the leading technology and gold standard in the market place today for helping patients with degenerative, inflammatory, emotional, systemic, nutritional and physical conditions.

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Special Offer
(Expires Midnight July 31)

Any ASA Balance Machines purchased during the month of July will include:

  • custom one on one training and coaching from Dr. Steven Schwartz, National Trainer for the ASA Balance.
  • Two Free passes to the August 15-17th Advanced ASA Balance Training in Denver Colorado.
  • Free Shipping for your ASA Balance (225.00 Value)

ASA Balance Advanced Training Weekends only happen twice a year and are only for ASA Balance practitioners with basic proficiency certification. This special offer will get you up to speed and proficient in time for the advanced training.

Purchase your device in July and be fully proficient with all the advanced nuances of the machine in time for Fall allergy and cold/flu season. (Huge niche markets)

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The ASA Balance combines the following established technologies into one state of the art body balancing system that can generate high profits, help lots of people and create a unique niche in your community (in your practice).

EAV/EDS: Electro-acupuncture by Voll /Electro dermal Screening

This technology has been around since the 1950s, and has been shown to be the most effective way to assess for food sensitivities.

Multi-channel Galvanic Skin Testing:

Uses the same technology as a lie detector. It allows for a quick and accurate way to assess for 100s of items in just a few minutes.

Class III laser

Laser technology has been used clinically since the 1980s and has been proven to create reproducible physiological change at the cellular level of all tissues and organs including the brain and nervous system.

This safe, non-thermal laser is used as a delivery system to broadcast information based on a custom individualized assessment through the ASA Balance software.


ASA Balance

Advanced Technology for Assessing, Balancing, and Correcting today’s Health Care Challenges